Mole Removal Experts of Minneapolis and St.Paul Minnesota

Mole Removal of Minneapolis and St. PaulMoles are animals that spend majority of their life burrowing tunnels through your yard in search of food. One mole is capable of tunneling 60 to 80 feet in just a few hours. Though they do not actually eat root systems, they can unintentionally destroy your lawn, bushes, or garden due to their tunneling. What these animals actually eat is grubs, insects, and worms that they run into while burrowing. Moles are quite prolific, having 2 to 3 litters per year; their numbers can swell rapidly.

If moles are causing property damage and giving you a headache, give Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. a call. These pests can be hard to remove, and even harder to discourage from coming back. We have been dealing with these animals for years, and know the tricks in removing moles. We can ensure the moles will be removed or deterred from coming back on your property.