Woodchuck Removal Experts of Minneapolis and St.Paul Minnesota

Woodchuck removal of Minneapolis and St. PaulWoodchucks, also known as ground hogs, are capable of major damages. To begin with they can damage your property, such as your lawn, garden, flower beds, shrubs, and more. Major damage they can do though comes from structural damage. Woodchucks burrow, digging tunnels underground. If they build tunnels under driveways, foundations, sidewalks, and other places, it can cause the structure to crack or give way. Any of these damages can be expensive to fix. Woodchucks have been known to inflict severe wounds to pets.

Removing woodchucks immediately is key to preventing damage. Hiring Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. means quick service, trapping and humanely removing the animal as quickly as possible. If the animal has done any damage to your home, we can repair the damages and if the animal entered your home we will block off any entrances.