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Minnesota Wild Animal Mice Management

Are Mice A Problem In your Home Or Office?

House Mice

House Mice are the most common type of mice to invade Minnesota homes and businesses.  They can cause serious damage, and can be difficult for a homeowner to get rid of.

House Mice are very small and grayish brown.  They weigh only about ½ ounce, making them able to squeeze through very small openings undetected.  House Mice cause the most damage by feeding on stored human and pet foods.  They will contaminate any food they come in contact with through their feces and hair, making the foods unfit for human or pet consumption because of possible salmonella contamination.  House Mice will eat through many types of packaging, making the best way to deal with them in your home or business to get rid of them altogether. Continue reading

Pest Risks In Vacant Homes and Properties

Vacant Homes and Properties Face Hidden Pest Risks

That vacant, foreclosed home next door isn’t just bringing down your neighborhood’s property values. It may also be a haven for numerous pests that can threaten the health and safety of neighbors, children and pets.

Pests thrive in the conditions offered by a foreclosed property with nobody home. Vacant properties offer a perfect habitat for a variety of problematic pests.

In the interest of preserving public health, it is imperative that vacant structures and properties be treated with pest control products to keep roaches, rats, spiders, stinging insects from moving in. Rodents and roaches, are often thought of as merely nuisances, but they can pose serious health risks for people and pets if they are left unchecked.

Rats, mice and roaches can thrive in empty houses and other structures like tool sheds left unused and untreated. Roaches have been proven to carry and spread E. coli, streptococcus and Salmonella along with other diseases and allergens, while rats are responsible for thousands of doctor and hospital visits each year due to bites and human contact with their feces and urine.

The threats each of these pests pose are very real and can become serious health and safety hazards if they are permitted to thrive. The challenge with foreclosed homes is finding the proper authorities to take responsibility for pest control measures that will keep neighborhoods safe and pest-free.

Each homeowner has the right to choose and use the products they need to protect their own home and property, and the best defense against pests is the responsible use of pest control products.

For more information on wild animal and pest control, consult a Minnesota Animal Control Expert today!

Bat Exterminator Minneapolis

Minnesota Bat Removal and Disposal

Minnesota has seven species of bats. Two of the most common, the big brown bat and the little brown bat, will commonly roost in people’s houses. Bats do much more good than harm eating tons of insects, including mosquitoes, each year. But when they move in with people they can cause problems. Of greatest concern is the potential for diseases such as histoplasmosis found in bat droppings and the rare occurrence of rabies in a bat that might fall sick and be found by a pet or child. Continue reading

MN Bat Removal | Bat Control

Minnesota Wild Animal Management  | Bat Removal

Bats, like most wild animals, try to avoid human contact. However, due to loss of their natural habitat, bats may establish roosts in attics or abandoned buildings. The best way to avoid contact with bats is to exclude them from buildings on your property. Continue reading

Minnesota Mice Rodent Control MN

Do You Have A Mice Rodent Problem?

Rodents can survive almost anywhere where they can stay warm and food can be found. In the United States alone, rodents cause billions of dollars in damage annually. Did you know that the front incisor teeth of rodents never stop growing? Front teeth that are continuously growing are a trait shared by all rodents. Continue reading

Snake Removal Minneapolis

Snake Removal MinneapolisOf all the wildlife we’ve removed in over 3 decades of working in wild animal management in Minneapolis, there’s no critter that has the ability to creep people out quite like the snake! While the majority of snakes in Minneapolis, MN are not venomous, most of us are not willing to take the chance of coming too close to a snake. Plain and simple, people are generally not fond of the snakes that they encounter in their homes, yards, and businesses.  Minneapolis can breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that Minnesota Wild Animal Management has a dedicated emergency service for snake removal that is available 24/7. Continue reading

Pest Control and Removal Bloomington MN

Pest Control and Removal Bloomington MNBloomington, MN has its fair share of wild animals. While many individuals love living in this part of the country, so do unwanted pests. Have you been dealing with wild animals in or around your home lately? The last thing that you want to do is try to get rid of these pests on your own. Without the professional experience of a pest control and removal team, you are liable to get bitten. When it comes to a reliable wild animal management team in the Bloomington, MN area, look no further than our staff at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. We specialize in humane animal removal, damage repair and prevention services that will help keep your property pest free in the future! Continue reading

Wild Animal Removal Services Minneapolis

Raccoon Removal MNAre you tired of hearing weird noises coming from the walls or the attic?  Have you seen evidence of mice rat droppings in your kitchen cabinets?  Is a very curious wild animal turning over your trash cans in the dark of night?  If you’ve fallen victim to any of these scenarios, it’s time to call in a Minneapolis wildlife removal company before the problem gets any worse.  At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, we’ve been providing humane animal removal services for decades, and would be happy to come out to your home and take care of your wild animal problem once and for all. Continue reading

Mice Control Maple Grove MN

Mice Removal Maple GroveWinter doesn’t just bring you in from the cold, but sometimes an uninvited guest or two as well. Whether you and the family are at the dinner table, watching television, or just enjoying company, a surprise scurry across the floor by a house mouse can become a bit of a quick scare. The cunning creatures can be at times difficult to get rid of. Call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. today and let us help you rest as we remove your pest! Continue reading

Eden Prairie Animal Removal

Wildlife Removal Services Eden Prairie MNThe only acceptable place where seeing wild animals up close and personal is the zoo. Learning and watching how these animals interact in these controlled settings can make for a fun family activity. Having direct contact with wild animals in and around your home is a different story. Living in Eden Prairie, MN, there are a wide variety of animals that call this part of Minnesota home. If a wild animal has decided to hang out in your yard or has even ventured into your home, calling animal removal professionals is a must! Continue reading