Animal Pest Removal in Minnesota – Crows, Part 1

Crow Removal in the Twin Cities Metro Area, Part I

Crows are not pretty.  Crows scare away songbirds.  Sometimes, though, crows become such a nuisance to us that we need to call in professional help to remove them from our property.

Crows are extremely intelligent birds.  They have been represented as such in folklore, but some experiments have shown crows have excellent memories, can count to three or four, are good at solving puzzles, and can even associate certain sounds with certain foods.  Crows also have very few predators.  All of these characteristics can make ridding your property of crows very difficult.

The growing urban sprawl means that more and more people are finding that crows have nested in their trees.  As crows usually travel in groups from two to ten birds, the noise alone may make you want to call for help.

At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., we will ensure the humane removal of the crows on your property.  We can also help you take steps to ensure the crows do not return.  We can also repair any damage crows may have caused to your property, and guarantee the repairs.  Call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. today at:

(612) 237-8282 : (651) 633-8600 : (763) 785-1414 : (952) 881-6662

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