Bat Removal Experts of Minneapolis and St.Paul Minnesota

Bat Removal of Minneapolis and St. PaulThere are seven species of bats in MN, only two will live in dwellings. Little brown Myotis and the large brown bat.

As the only mammals that can fly, bats are a unique and interesting animal. Regardless they are still not animals that should be in your home. Generally in search of a place to nest or sleep, bats can invade your home through open areas in siding, roof line I.E. soffit and fascia, roof overlaps, chimney and vents. Be careful though, surprising is their ability to fit through cracks as small as 3/8 inch.

What makes these animals such a threat is their ability to carry and transmit disease. The most common disease they carry is rabies. If you have been bitten or carried a diseased bat, it is wise to get checked. Another possible disease is Histoplasmois, which is related to spores that grow on bat guano.

It is very important that proper inspection techniques and execusion methods be utilized. If not, you could end up with numerous adult and/or young bats being closed in your walls, eves, or attic, causing a large sanitation problem from dead bats or even having bats come out into your house with you and your family.

If your house is currently under attack by bats it is wise to call a professional. At MN Wild Animal Management Inc. we are experienced in handling bat removals safely and in a timely manner. Hiring a professional company guarantees the safety of you and your loved ones, along with prevention services to keep bats out for good.