Wild Animal Damage: Home Repair of Minneapolis and St.Paul Minnesota

Raccoon Destroys Roof to gain Access, Minneapolis, St. Paul Raccoon removalDamages may occur to your house by wild animals or by pests. These unwanted vermin can eat away at your electrical wiring, roof line and siding, nest in your walls, vents and attics, and burrow under your foundation, all causing serious damage. What is worse is the fact that if you leave these animals or pest alone, they will multiply causing increased damage and costing you more money.

Ridding your home of animals or pests is the first step in home repair. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. we offer services for wild animal removal and pest control. Next is finding a company who can repair damages animals or pests may have caused, and at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. we do that too. We can handle your entire problem from start to finish, starting with removing animals humanely all the way through repairing their damages and preventing it from happening again. We are flexible to work with and affordable, making the process as easy as possible for you. We also have technicians whom have extensive backgrounds in construction and/or home repair.