Squirrel Removal Experts of Minneapolis and St.Paul Minnesota

Squirrel removal of Minneapolis and St. Paul MinnesotaSquirrels are common animals throughout Minnesota. Generally living in trees. Squirrels sometimes will nest in your attic wall space and chimneys, which you can hear as they run around. Another problem is they will chew on the woodwork of your house, destroying it. These pests will also chew on wiring, pipes, ducts, basically anything, causing many problems. Squirrels are known to eat bird food too, costing you more money.

If you have a squirrel problem you are going to have to trap and remove them. Hiring a professional trapper such as Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. can help ensure the trapping is done in a timely and humane manner. On top of removing the squirrels, we also fix the damage they have done, and repair your house so they will not return!