Squirrel Trapping And Removal Services In Minnesota

Squirrel Trapping And Removal Services In MinnesotaWatching a little gray squirrel can be entertaining with their cute little whiskers and the way they stand up on their back feet to eat. Oh, and watching them gnaw on a little tiny acorn. Adorable. Well, until they invade your home! Those cute little furry creatures can do a lot of damage by chewing cords, cables, wall board, support beams, and other materials. They have been known to cause thousands of dollars in damages to residential properties in a single season! While it is not common for them to enter a dwelling, the experts at Minnesota Wild Animal Management want to let you know what to look for, if you suspect one is somewhere inside your house.

Wild Animal Control Services In Anoka County MN

Wild Animal Control Services In Anoka County MNIt happens more often than you might think – a family or homeowner realizes that a bird has flown in through an open door or window, a bat has made its way inside, a mouse leaves evidence of its presence with droppings in a kitchen cabinet, or a snake finds a new home in your garage. That moment when you realize that you are sharing your home with a wild animal often leaves a panicked and helpless feeling. How will you catch it? How will you remove it?

Preparation For Fall Season Wildlife

Preparation For Fall Season WildlifeAs the summer months come to a close, and the fall season knocks on our backdoors, we see the days begin to get shorter and the nighttime temperatures begin to drop. Everyone seems to be eager for the cooler temperatures of fall to arrive, but as the temperatures drop, wildlife creatures’ activities will be on the rise. Creatures will begin to seek out warmer spots to rest and as the food sources on trees become scarcer, animals get a little bolder in seeking out food (i.e., inside the perimeter of your home or business). Some of the animals that will do this, starting in the fall, are squirrels, mice, possums, and rats, to name a few.

Minnesota Wild Bird Removal Services

Minnesota Wild Bird Removal ServicesBirds are amazing creatures and bring us much joy. Many people enjoy bird watching and listening to their chirping and communicating. The most common types of birds you will find in your Minnesota backyard include the American crow, the American robin, the Northern cardinal, the black-capped chickadee, the blue jay, and the American goldfinch. If you look closely, you can likely find a bird’s nest very close to your home. However, occasionally, when birds build their nest in your garage

Wild Animal Removal And Clean-Up Services North St Paul

Wild Animal Removal And Clean-Up Services North St PaulWhen owning a home, there are plenty of people and pets that you willingly welcome into your home. There are also unwelcome critters that often find their way into your home. Trying to remove these pests from your residence is a project that you don’t want to try to do on your own for a variety of reasons. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, we offer animal removal and sanitation services for customers in North St Paul Area, that you can take advantage of anytime you find that an unwanted guest has entered your home. Although these animals may frustrate you when they enter your home, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be safely placed back into their natural habitat

Humane Snake Nest Removal Services Minnesota Area

Humane Snake Nest Removal ServicesIt’s hard to imagine a snake slithering around your home…until it happens to you. So naturally, most of the snake phone calls we get are urgent because a snake has somehow managed to make their way in and is not exactly easily finding its way back out. Snakes in Minnesota are not uncommon, however, and thankfully, most snakes in the area are not venomous. In fact, the only venomous snake known to the Minnesota state is the infamous Timber Rattlesnake. So, we can rest in knowing that most of the snakes in our space are not poisonous and typically not aggressive unless put into a stressful, threatening position. If you have a snake in your home or if you are looking for preventative snake measures, Minnesota Wild Animal Management has you covered. Servicing the entire metro area

Humane Wild Animal Removal Services

Humane Wild Animal Removal ServicesNow that spring is here, we can spend more time outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. If you have sat outside for even a few minutes, you will hear squirrels rustling around in the yard, birds chirping, you will see insects crawling around and you may even catch a glimpse of a raccoon or opossum if you are out in the evening. No matter how many wild animals you see or hear when you are outdoors, there are countless others that you cannot see. Snakes, bats, and mice do everything that they can so that you do NOT ever see them. But, our worlds are closely intertwined

Cleaning Up After Wildlife Invaded Your MN Home Or Business

Cleaning Up After Wildlife Invaded Your MN Home Or BusinessOftentimes, if an animal has invaded your home, you will likely find animal droppings in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or attic. This unpleasant sight is very common and requires immediate cleanup to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and your four-legged family members. One of the most common places nuisance animals, such as squirrels and birds, tend to seek shelter in your home is in your attic. It is warm, enclosed, and away from human activity. If you hear small animals pitter-pattering or rustling around, you should contact an experienced wildlife control service to humanely remove the nuisance animals. Once the animals have been safely removed from your home, it is now time to clean up what was left behind. But what are the risks and how should you go about removing the droppings?

Humane Wildlife Removal Services Maplewood

Humane Wildlife Removal Services in MNThe sunshine has been warming our Minnesota landscape. This means more outdoor activity, absorption of vitamin D, and shaking off some of the cabin fever that can build up during our state’s colder months. The downside of the sun making longer appearances during the day is that it means animals also become more active, seeking sources of food and more comfortable shelter. Our homes and property are very appealing locations to search for both food and shelter. These animals do not realize that they are invading your property and causing damage (and stress!). They are on the hunt for food, shelter, and an escape from natural predators. If you live in Maplwood and discover uninvited

Home Repairs from Wild Animal Damage in Minnesota

Home Repairs from Wild Animal Damage in MinnesotaNo one wants a wild animal in their home, no matter how big or small. And wildlife damage can be a real issue for your home and family. The dangers wildlife bring along are specific to each animal, but issues are common with a critter infestation (fleas, ticks, disease, and contamination), as well as damage they have done to the structure itself. Minnesota Wild Animal Management protects your home from nuisance wildlife. Our team will not only remove the critters, but will also seal off entry points, clean, remediate, decontaminate, repair damages, and deodorize the space for you.

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