Bird Removal From Home Or Business

Bird Removal From Home Or BusinessOne would think that there would be no birds left in Minnesota during the winter months, as it is assumed that all birds fly south for the winter. This puts all birds in California, Texas, and sunny Miami, right?!? No. There are several species of birds that fly into Minnesota (from further north) as the food sources are much more prevalent in the winter months. Some birds don’t migrate and simply remain put. In fact, there are about 15 common species of birds that are found around central Minnesota during the winter

Protecting Your Home From Unwanted Guests

The holidays are here and many of us are hosting gatherings with friends, neighbors and family. You may be preparing to spend many hours cooking and cleaning and preparing your home for gathering. The last thing that you want to have to worry about before or during your next holiday gathering is an unwanted animal crashing the party. Raccoons, bats, snakes, squirrels, mice or birds mean absolutely no harm to us but do not belong in your home

Minnesota Wild Animal Control Services

Minnesota Wild Animal Control ServicesWhen the temperatures are this low and the weather is this harsh, it is easy to understand why a bird or a squirrel might look for shelter from the cold. After all, a nest cannot possibly be as warm as a cozy garage, an interior wall or attic. In addition to a warm place to sleep, our homes also offer food and water as well, which can be in short supply these days for wild animals in Minnesota. The ground is frozen, and snow covered and that makes it difficult to find anything to eat. So, if you have seen signs of birds, squirrels or other wild animals inside your home, call the team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management ASAP. We will find the invaders, remove them safely, humanly and make sure that they cannot return.

Dealing With Snakes In The Winter Months

Dealing With Snakes In The Winter MonthsIt may come as a surprise to you to know that people still have encounters with snakes in the winter months… just not outside in your yards, where you might expect them, but rather, in the basement or other out-of-the-way space in your home or business. Just like humans, snakes don’t like to be outside in the winter months. They seek warmth to hibernate. In Minnesota, that usually means until late March or April. Most snakes will burrow down in the ground, under rocks, or in residential crawl spaces to hibernate, but some snakes have found their way inside during the late fall and are now hibernating indoors. So, what can you do? What should you do? At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, we want to put your mind at ease and give you some pointers on how to handle this situation

How Do Bats Enter A Home?

How Do Bats Enter A Home?Bats are very interesting creatures. They are nocturnal, they can find food in total darkness, they can live up to three decades and they can fly very fast with speed up to sixty miles an hour. Bats are the only flying mammals, and they eat mostly insects that come out at night. While they are a fun creature to read and learn about, when one comes too close, they can seem a bit scary! In fact, if you have a close encounter with a bat, you should likely see

Wild Animals You’re Likely To See Around Your House This Winter

Wild Animals You’re Likely To See Around Your House This WinterMany Americans love to see animals in the wild. In fact, in 2021, Americans spent an estimated $128 billion on wildlife tourism. It can be amazing to see animals in their own habitat, and some of these furry creatures can be so cute to look at their little faces. Just like humans, much of this wildlife will be in search of warmth through the winter months. Your home or business may just provide the perfect place

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Minnesota Home This Winter

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Minnesota Home This WinterIt’s a well-known fact that Minnesota has extremely cold winters, but temperate summers. For this reason, wildlife thrives in our state. Many of these wild animals find shelter and warmth during the bitter cold of the winter months. Unfortunately, this shelter is found in people’s homes and businesses. One of the most common critters to seek shelter inside is mice and other rodents. They’re diverse; the rodent family includes rats, mice, gophers, voles

Keeping Wild Animal’s Under Control In MN

Keeping Wild Animal’s Under Control In MNDo you know what the most common critters are to invade our homes, especially during the winter months? More than 80% of animals that invade homes during this time of year are mice, rats and squirrels. Of course, they are not the only potential invaders as we have also seen bats, raccoons and even snakes and birds in our area. Each of these animals has one thing in common – they are looking for a warm place to live and looking for food to eat. Rather than try to remove these animals

Winter Tips To Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home This Winter

Winter Tips To Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home This Winter Living in the Twin Cities area is great as we have wonderful weather in the summer, pleasant fall weather and snow in the winter for those who enjoy winter hobbies. The downside to living in this area is that the temperatures can get quite frigid in the winter both for humans and our wild animal friends! At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, we’re quite busy with wildlife removal in the winter because it’s often when animals try their hardest to move indoors into our homes.

Below are a few quick and easy tips to keep your home protected from wild animals this winter.

Squirrel Removal Tips For Bloomington Homeowners

Squirrel Removal Tips For Bloomington HomeownersIf you’re in the Bloomington, MN area you likely see squirrels all around your home and yard. Whether they are red squirrels, gray squirrels, or even flying squirrels, these critters have long made the Twin Cities area their home! If one or more of these inquisitive critters has made their way into your home it’s time to call in the squirrel removal pros at Minnesota Wild Animal Management today!

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