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Wildlife Removal Minneapolis

Minneapolis Animal Removal CompanyWildlife is a beautiful thing, if it’s kept in the wild! Truly, no wild animal should be in your home. If you are in need of wildlife removal assistance in Minneapolis, Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., has you covered. With a combined experience of over 35 years in wildlife control, our experts have dealt with a variety of wildlife pests and have a thorough understanding of the proper steps it takes to remove and prevent wildlife from coming into your home. Continue reading

Animal Removal

Minneapolis Animal RemovalServiceThere are some projects around the house that individuals don’t mind taking on themselves to save some extra money. One project that most individuals would prefer not to have to deal with would be animal removal. Not only are animals unpredictable, dangerous and can carry diseases, they can also cause significant damage to your home. No matter how cute a wild animal may look, you should never let them enter into your home. The minute you notice a wild animal in your home, it is critical that you get into contact with animal removal experts. If you are in the Andover, Ham Lake, Anoka, Blaine or Coon Rapids, MN area, you are in luck because our dedicated team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., specializes in humane animal removal services. Continue reading

Humane Snake Removal near Me

Humane Snake RemovalSpring cleaning can mean a lot of different things around here. While some may be cleaning up the dust mites under their beds, we are cleaning up all the snakes around your home! At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., we are a humane snake removal company near you. Serving St Louis Park and the Golden Valley area, we offer humane snake removal services for all residents in this region. Continue reading

Snake Exterminator

Minnesota Snake Removal ContractorMany people are afraid of snakes, in fact it is one of the most common fears amongst humans worldwide. Although many people are afraid of these animals, most of them are actually harmless and do not interfere with humans. In Minnesota only the Southeastern corner has venomous snakes, and still in this region the rattlesnake is rare. Continue reading

Small Animal Removal Services

Small, wild animals may look friendly from a distance, but if you come up close and personal with one of these animals, chances are that you’d quickly change your mind. Minneapolis, MN has its fair share of small animals that often end up in your yard. Rather than trying to remove these animals on your own, it is important to contact a professional removal team. Not only can your health be jeopardized by tackling this task on your own, but so can the health of the animal. By choosing our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., the small animal that has invaded your property will be humanely removed so that no harm is caused. Continue reading

Snake Removal

St. Paul MN Snake Removal ServicesMost snakes found in Minnesota are not poisonous and do not pose a threat to humans. Despite that fact, snakes are generally feared and avoided at all costs. And, no one wants even a harmless snake to slither into their home and make themselves at home. Once a snake finds its way inside, it may nest there and you suddenly have a permanent unwanted guest. Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. can help locate and remove a snake from your home, a garage, or other area on your property and seal off the area in such a way that the snake will not be able to return. Our team has experience with all types of snakes that live in the Minnesota area and will remove the reptiles in a humane way. Continue reading

Snake Removal Near Me

Snake Removal ST Paul MNIn Minneapolis, how do you measure a snake? In inches because they don’t have any feet! All joking aside, seeing a snake at the museum or even in your yard is one thing. Seeing a snake in the comfort of your own home is another. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., we get so many calls around this time of year with people in hysterics because a snake is in their home. If you are nervous about a snake in your home or place of business, call the professionals nearest you at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. Continue reading

Snake Removal

St. Paul MN Snake Removal ServicesThere are several different snake species in Minnesota, and luckily for us it is very uncommon to come across a venomous snake here in our home state. Snakes range from 10 cm to several feet long and have a variety of colors. Although many people fear snakes, there is a very low probability that any snake you come across in Minnesota are dangerous, and snakes are a very important part of the ecosystem. Snakes help control rodent populations, and are no risk to humans despite their bad reputation. Although many people fear this animal, it is because they are greatly misunderstood. Continue reading

Snake Nest Removal

snakeFor many Americans, one of the most feared animals that we occasionally come into contact with is a snake. While most snakes have no interest in humans, the fear and unknown of having a snake on your property can be overwhelming. To top it off, if you find a snake nest on your property, it is critical that you contact a professional snake nest removal team. If you are in the Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, area, you are in luck because our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., is right around the corner! Continue reading

Snake Removal Minneapolis

Snake Removal MinneapolisOf all the wildlife we’ve removed in over 3 decades of working in wild animal management in Minneapolis, there’s no critter that has the ability to creep people out quite like the snake! While the majority of snakes in Minneapolis, MN are not venomous, most of us are not willing to take the chance of coming too close to a snake. Plain and simple, people are generally not fond of the snakes that they encounter in their homes, yards, and businesses.  Minneapolis can breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that Minnesota Wild Animal Management has a dedicated emergency service for snake removal that is available 24/7. Continue reading