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Wildlife Removal Minneapolis

Minneapolis Animal Removal CompanyWildlife is a beautiful thing, if it’s kept in the wild! Truly, no wild animal should be in your home. If you are in need of wildlife removal assistance in Minneapolis, Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., has you covered. With a combined experience of over 35 years in wildlife control, our experts have dealt with a variety of wildlife pests and have a thorough understanding of the proper steps it takes to remove and prevent wildlife from coming into your home. Continue reading

Raccoon Removal Company

racoon-animal damage and removal mnIf raccoons could talk, what do you think they would say? “I liked your garbage so much that I think I’ll come back for your electrical wiring,” or “if you take one step further I will hiss at you so hard you’ll end up getting rabies shots for weeks.” There’s no telling what raccoons have on their minds when you come up to them. It’s likely, however, that fear is at large for both you and the raccoon. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., we happily serve the Minnetonka, MN area and can remove those critters from your home or business at a moment’s notice. If you’ve got a raccoon problem, don’t try to read their minds. Call the experts at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. Continue reading

Wild Animal Control Elk River MN

Raccoons in chimneyHave you turned on the heat in your home? I know I have and that’s a sign something’s coming and everyone needs to prepare, even wild animals. Because of the encroaching winter fate that lie ahead you might be housing some unintended, unwanted and absolutely barbaric animals. If that’s so, it’s best to call Minnesota Wild Animal Management before you’ve got an unwelcome house party under your roof, in your attic, chimney or your garage – wreaking havoc on your major investments and disturbing your family, included those members with four legs. We can safely and effectively control, remove and prevent wild animals on your Elk River, MN property. Continue reading

Small Animal Removal Services

Small, wild animals may look friendly from a distance, but if you come up close and personal with one of these animals, chances are that you’d quickly change your mind. Minneapolis, MN has its fair share of small animals that often end up in your yard. Rather than trying to remove these animals on your own, it is important to contact a professional removal team. Not only can your health be jeopardized by tackling this task on your own, but so can the health of the animal. By choosing our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., the small animal that has invaded your property will be humanely removed so that no harm is caused. Continue reading

Raccoon in Chimney Removal

Raccoon Removal MNImagining a wild animal in your chimney is not a beautiful thought. Although this may seem like a rare occurrence and something you may not have to worry about, in fact Minnesota has four unique biomes, many different forests and therefore a lot of different animals. Many people think of rodents such as rats and mice, but raccoons are a common problem as well.

If you are concerned with, or know you have a raccoon problem in your home, or your chimney you want to take care of this issue before the raccoons get in the interior of your home and are loose in your house. If you do not want to be the Grey Gardens of St. Louis Park, then let us help you. Continue reading

Raccoon Management Minnetonka

Raccoon Removal MNThe sight of a raccoon on your property, or even worse, inside your house, is not a situation anyone would want to be involved in. Not only can these animals cause a lot of damage to your property, but they can also be extremely dangerous to come into contact with. If you live in Minnetonka and have seen sightings of a raccoon hanging around your residence, it is crucial that you contact our professional animal removal team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. Specializing in raccoon management, control, and prevention services for Minnetonka, MN and beyond, we’re ready to stop these unwanted pests in their tracks! Continue reading

Raccoon Removal Bloomington, MN

Raccoon Removal Bloomington, MNRaccoons are nocturnal creatures who come out after dark primarily to find food.  They will eat most anything they can find, and they are more than happy to dive into your trash can to find food.  In a natural habitat, they live off of creatures in water including frogs, crayfish and other aquatic creatures, but as humans have crept into their space, they have become very proficient at adapting and finding human food in our gardens, and in other spots around our homes, causing damage and a sanitation hazard.  If you wake up in the morning and see signs that raccoons have been wreaking havoc around your home (or business), call the team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. for assistance.  Our team serves those in the Bloomington, MN area and specializes in safe, humane animal removal and will repair any damage left behind. Continue reading

Raccoon Removal Services Ham Lake MN

Dear Property Owner,

Wildlife Removal Services Eden Prairie MNThat burnt up meatloaf you put out into your trash was delicious. The time you blamed your dog for knocking over the trash…me again! Oh, and all your other garbage was delicious, I regret nothing. Now, I don’t want to hurt you but get in my way and it can happen. I’m looking for a place to nest and your chimney is looking like a fantastic spot to raise my young. Whatever you do, don’t call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. They safely remove raccoons like me and prevent me from coming back to my spot. They are the one wildlife removal company that keeps me out for good. While we like that they’re a humane animal removal company, we’d rather just take over your property. So if you are searching for wild animal removal in Ham Lake, MN, don’t call them!


Your Unwanted-but-here-anyways Raccoon

P.S., I just bit you. Now go get your rabies’ shots! Continue reading

Raccoon Removal Services Ham Lake MN

Wildlife House Damage RepairThe sight of a raccoon hanging around your property can give some people nightmares. There are some wild animals that are cute and may even put a smile on your face when you see them. The raccoon is not one of those animals. These nocturnal animals are not only a nuisance around your residence, but they often carry unwanted disease. To protect your family and pets, it is very important that you reach out to a professional wildlife removal company as soon as you notice a raccoon trying to hang around your home. If you live in Ham Lake, MN, the best team for the job is Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. Continue reading

Wild Animal Removal Minneapolis

Raccon Removal MNWhen you find a raccoon living in your attic or a squirrel resting in your spare bedroom, you might start thinking about the various methods you’ve seen used on TV or in movies to wrangle a wild animal. If you’re not experienced in catching, securing, and relocating wild animals, though, it’s always best to call in the professionals to take care of your critter problem for you. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., we’re committed to keeping you and the animals invading your home safe from harm, serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. When you call our wild animal removal experts, you can be sure that we’ll bring more than a net and a safari hat, and we’ll leave with your wild animal safely secured. Continue reading