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Andover, Ham lake, MinneapolisSquirrels have become part of life in Minneapolis, MN. Often times you try to avoid them as they suddenly cross the street in front of your car. In heavily populated areas, such as college campuses, these squirrels are so used to being around humans that they don’t run off when you walk closely beside them. Overall, squirrels are rather cute animals, that is, until they get into your home! Most squirrels live up in trees, but they have been known to venture off into homeowner’s attics, chimneys, etc. So, rather than trying to remove this incredibly fast squirrel from your home on your own, leave it up to our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. Continue reading

Squirrel Removal Andover MN

Andover Squirrel RemovalSquirrels are cute enough if you see them at the park or while on a family walk, but they lose every bit of their cuteness if they make it into your Andover, MN home. Squirrels can cause significant damage to your home if not handled properly. Learn more about how partnering with Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. to handle your squirrel removal should be at the top of your to-do list when you start to suspect squirrels have infiltrated your home!

Dangers of Squirrels in Your Andover Home

Squirrels love to make their nests in your attic or chimneys. You can often hear them scurrying around as they make their way through areas of your home. Continue reading

Squirrel Removed From My Attic

Human Animal RemovalSquirrels, especially gray squirrels, are common throughout Minnesota but specifically the twin cities and the metro area. Squirrels are members of the rodent family and are highly arboreal. They tend to be very highly active in the summer and in the fall where they scavenge for food for the winter.

Tree squirrels generally nest in trees in wooded areas. Since Minnesota has a ton of wooded areas that we keep building into, it is forcing squirrels to look for alternative places to live and therefore housing structures are a great choice. The most common invaded areas are garages and attics. Squirrels reach these areas by chewing holes in the exterior of the structure and typically nest, store food or both. Their activity is usually noisy and heard by anyone in close proximity. Continue reading

Animal-Humane Squirrel Removal

Animal-Humane Squirrel RemovalSquirrels are very common throughout Minnesota. They are one species that adapts well to human dominated areas such as suburbs and even larger metropolitan area. Due to their ability to adapt to almost all landscapes and live among st humans squirrels oftentimes become pests. Squirrels sometimes find their way into attics of homes where they will build nests and take advantage of the roof from the cold weather. Usually, homes that are near wooded areas are at the most concern for having problems with squirrels. Continue reading

Small Animal Removal Services

Small, wild animals may look friendly from a distance, but if you come up close and personal with one of these animals, chances are that you’d quickly change your mind. Minneapolis, MN has its fair share of small animals that often end up in your yard. Rather than trying to remove these animals on your own, it is important to contact a professional removal team. Not only can your health be jeopardized by tackling this task on your own, but so can the health of the animal. By choosing our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., the small animal that has invaded your property will be humanely removed so that no harm is caused. Continue reading

Squirrel Removal Experts

Squirrel Removal MNMinnesota inhabits a lot of squirrels, specifically the grey squirrel population which is found in central and southern Minnesota. In the Twin Cities, you may have noticed that the squirrel population around the cities is very abundant and therefore many people have problems with squirrels. Also, with the harsh Minnesota winters, this increases the likelihood of squirrels seeking shelter in any area they find fit. When squirrels invade your home they can cause a lot of damage. Many people forget that they are rodents and have the same tendencies as rats and mice. Continue reading

Squirrel In The House MN

Squirrel RemovalWe are all very used to seeing squirrels as we go about our day to day lives. You may see them scurry across the road on your way to work, or looking for acorns while you are sitting on a park bench. Your kids (or pets!) may enjoy chasing them outdoors and watching them climb up a nearby tree. Squirrels are a very common site in Minnesota; they are numerous in the area. But, when a squirrel gets into your home or takes residence in your attic or chimney, you suddenly and decidedly want it GONE! Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. has extensive experience with squirrel removal for those living in the Minnesota area. Not only can our professional team remove the squirrel in your house, but we can also prevent it, and others, from coming back! Continue reading

Squirrel Control Edina, MN

Squirrel Control Edina, MNIt’s almost as if squirrels seem to enjoy teasing homeowners when they tear up landscaping and unearth bulbs and seeds with their constant hole-digging. If you ask most Edina, MN homeowners, the best squirrels are the ones that hang out in your neighbor’s yard!  We applaud our Edina neighbors who enjoy the company of squirrels because feeding them tends to keep the squirrels from visiting our homes down the street. You need Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. to evict those pesky squirrels from your home! Continue reading

Burnsville Squirrel Removal

Burnsville Squirrel RemovalSquirrels are one of the most common animals living in Minnesota. You will see them everywhere — in your yard, at the park, in wooded areas and parking lots.  There are more than 200 species, and you will find many tree dwellers and ground squirrels in the state of Minnesota.  Most squirrels eat nuts, leaves, roots, seeds, and other plants and even have teeth that never stop growing, so they don’t wear down from the constant gnawing. When squirrels decide to nest in your attic, garage or chimney instead of outdoors in trees, they will need to be removed by a trained professional before they cause significant damage.  Minnesota Wild Animal Management of Burnsville, MN specializes in safe squirrel removal from your home or property once and for all. Continue reading

Squirrel Removal Eden Prairie

Squirrel Removal Eden PrairiePsychologist: What brings you in here to see me today?

Squirrel: Oh doc, I just realized I am what I eat…Nuts!

That’s right, folks. Squirrels are nuts. We think they are very cute from far away or up in a tree, sure, but the minute they step into your home, both you and the squirrel will be going nuts! Squirrels are very common throughout Eden Prairie, MN. It is certainly not uncommon to see them hanging out near your home and within your treeline. What you don’t want to see is them actually inside your home. If this should happen to you, Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., can help with squirrel removal and save you a very expensive trip to the psychologist. Continue reading