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Small Animal Removal Services

Small, wild animals may look friendly from a distance, but if you come up close and personal with one of these animals, chances are that you’d quickly change your mind. Minneapolis, MN has its fair share of small animals that often end up in your yard. Rather than trying to remove these animals on your own, it is important to contact a professional removal team. Not only can your health be jeopardized by tackling this task on your own, but so can the health of the animal. By choosing our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., the small animal that has invaded your property will be humanely removed so that no harm is caused. Continue reading

Animal Pest Control In Minnesota – Woodpeckers, Part II

Woodpeckers, Part II

Since most people have trees in and around their property, the pecking sound made by a woodpecker is a common sound.

The damage to trees, window frames, utility poles and other portions of buildings may be significant, but the drumming and pecking sounds made by the woodpeckers in your area may be too much to bear.  Since woodpeckers do not just make the pecking sound when they are looking for food, they may not be making holes in the side of your home or buildings.  Woodpeckers make a drumming sound to establish their territory and attract a mate.  This sound made constantly on the side of your home can be very loud, especially if you have maintenance free siding.

We at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. understand your situation and we are here to help.  We will rid your home and/or property of woodpeckers and make any applicable repairs if needed.  We also guarantee our work for your peace of mind.  Call us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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Pest Control In Minnesota – Woodpeckers, Part I

Woodpeckers, Part I

Woodpeckers can be one of the most damaging animals to your property.  They peck away at the siding and/or window frames trying to create nesting cavities or looking for food.  Woodpeckers also, and more commonly, create holes in trees looking for food and/or making a nesting cavity.

Woodpeckers usually eat beetles and carpenter ants, although they will eat any insect.  If you see horizontal lines in your trees, they are quite possibly from a woodpecker following an insect trail.

If a woodpecker is digging in wood, whether it is in the side of your home or in your trees, the wood is probably dead or dying.  That is not to say your tree is dead; just that portion of the tree may be, as most trees have some dead portions.  The woodpecker will not usually attack wood that is healthy so they will not usually kill a tree.  That said, the damage to your home can be irritating, as well as expensive.  Holes burrowed into window frames are common and very costly to repair, as the entire window usually needs to be replaced.

If you see damage possibly resulting from a woodpecker or have heard them in your trees or on your home, give Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. a call today.  We will diagnose your problem to make sure the animal infestation is a woodpecker, and we will remove the animals in an efficient and humane way.  We also repair any damage caused by the woodpeckers, and stand by our work with our guarantee.

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