Animal Pest Control In Minnesota – Woodpeckers, Part II

Woodpeckers, Part II

Since most people have trees in and around their property, the pecking sound made by a woodpecker is a common sound.

The damage to trees, window frames, utility poles and other portions of buildings may be significant, but the drumming and pecking sounds made by the woodpeckers in your area may be too much to bear.  Since woodpeckers do not just make the pecking sound when they are looking for food, they may not be making holes in the side of your home or buildings.  Woodpeckers make a drumming sound to establish their territory and attract a mate.  This sound made constantly on the side of your home can be very loud, especially if you have maintenance free siding.

We at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. understand your situation and we are here to help.  We will rid your home and/or property of woodpeckers and make any applicable repairs if needed.  We also guarantee our work for your peace of mind.  Call us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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