Cleaning Up After Bats

Bat Clean-up (Guanno Removal)

As the only mammals that can fly, bats are a unique and interesting animal.  Regardless they are still not animals that should be in your home.  Generally in search of a place to nest or sleep, bats can invade your home through open areas in siding, roof line I.E. soffit and fascia, roof overlaps, chimney and vents.  Be careful though, surprising is their ability to fit through cracks as small as 3/8 inch. .

What makes these animals such a threat is their ability to carry and transmit disease.  The most common disease they carry is rabies.  If you have been bitten or carried a diseased bat, it is wise to get checked.  Another possible disease is Histoplasmois, which is related to spores that grow on bat guano.

Problems with doing it yourself are diseases.  Droppings of any animal are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and diseases, and if you are not careful, it could be harmful.  For instance, not wearing a mask while cleaning bat guano can be dangerous.

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