Green Pest Control in Minnesota

Taking a Practical Approach To Pest Control

There are four general steps that, as “green” technicians, we use towards effective pest control.  These Four steps describe the basic regimen for a Pest Control technician and are required for an effective service against those sometimes-pesky critters.
The practical approach to effective pest control:

  1. Inspection: The first thing we do is perform a thorough inspection of the premises.  For the most part the pests have the same basic needs as humans; they desire shelter, food, and water.
  2. Identification: After performing a thorough inspection, the next step is identifying the pest(s) indicated.  Identifying the pest is key to what we refer to in the industry as “searching out the Source” (SOS).  Identifying the pest means identifying known habits, needs, and shelter common to your new friends.
  3. Diagnosis: What is the magnitude of the infestation?  What exists that is conducive to this pest’s attraction to this site?  What can be done to control this pest problem?
  4. Prescription: As a pest technician, this is where it is decided the most effective method of solving the pest problem.  There are several methods to use to get rid of pest problems. This it is decided whether or not a healthy dose of pesticides, exclusion, or other methods are best suited to controlling or resolving any known or foreseeable pest problems.

Taking this practical approach to solving your pest problems increases effectiveness.  We are the experts in humane pest removal at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc.  We will come out to your home to determine what type of pest you have.   Then, we will use our proven strategy to rid your home of the unwanted critters.

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