Mice Removal and Prevention Minneapolis MN

Have you been waking up to go downstairs and have a bowl of cereal, but instead find chewed holes in the box with little bits of cereal sprawled all over your counter? If so, you may have some unwanted visitors: mice.

How to Identify a Mouse

The house mouse is the most successful rodent when it comes to adapting to human lifestyles. Mice are found wherever people are, feeding on human food, finding shelter in homes, and reproducing at an outstanding rate. The house mouse is the most inconvenient and economically important pest because they cause millions of dollars worth of damage to possessions, eat thousands of pounds of food, and have been linked to electrical fires with their constant gnawing on wires.

Mice: Problems & Diseases

Mice are a major irritation–almost everyone has some story about them. The continual loss of stored food and the damage they cause to personal items are the most serious economic threats. Also, mice are known to carry and transmit diseases and parasites to people and domestic animals.

How to Get Rid of Mice

In order to get your mice problem under control, you need to first understand the mouse biology and habits, particularly knowing the difference between mice and rats. In the past couple decades; the control of rats has gotten better while issues with house mice have increased.

Mice Control Specialists

At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., we know how much of an annoyance mice can be in your home. This is why our professional animal control experts and wildlife specialists are specifically trained to get rid of your mice problem quickly and efficiently.

Let the experts do the work. Call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. today at 612-237-8282!

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