Minnesota Bat Removal

Pro Bat Removal AndoverBats are a poorly understood species, and oftentimes many people are afraid of this tiny, winged mammals. Many people are fearful of “blood thirsty” bats, but in fact this is not a concern in Minnesota, and is only a concern in the tropics. Bats are a unique species, being the only mammal that flies. Although there is the health concern because bats do carry rabies, most bats do not bother humans.

Minnesota has seven types of bats. The most common is the little brown myotis, followed by the Northern myotis, and the big brown bat. These bats are hibernators in the winter, and oftentimes find refuge in caves and houses, and in the summer roost in caves, mines, hollow trees and dwellings. There are also Tri-colored bats, which are the smallest of all bats in Minnesota. Furthermore, there is the silver-haired bat, Hoary bat and the Eastern red bat, forest dwelling bats. The Hoary bat is also the largest of all the bats. These bats are all solitary, they roost in trees in the summer and travel south for the winter.

Bats are insectivorous and feed almost entirely on bugs. Oftentimes, bats will roost in homes in the summer time, specifically in roofs, siding, chimneys and vents. Bats also are very small, and can even fit in ⅜ of an inch space.

Although bats usually do not harm people they can be a vector for disease. Most commonly bats carry rabies, but they also can carry other diseases such as Histoplasmosis, which grows in bat waste, called guano.

At Minnesota Wild Managment Inc., we specialize in safely, and humanely removing wild species from your property. We understand that these animals were here first, and therefore we pride ourselves in dealing with wild animals in a humane manner, but also properly removing them from your property. If your home is currently invaded by bats, it is wise to call a professional. We have more than 35 years of experience and make sure not only to remove the species, and take preventative measures in order to guarantee that other critters will not come and inhabit your property immediately after we remove the current critters. Hiring a professional company guarantees the safety of you and your loved ones, along with prevention services to keep bats out for good. We offer a 4 year warranty with all of our services, and promise you there are never hidden fees.

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