Mole Pest Removal in the Twin Cities Metro Area

What is a Mole?

A mole is an animal hardly anyone ever actually sees.  What we see is the damage caused by moles who are tunneling through the lawn or garden we have worked so hard to make grow.

Moles cause damage not by eating the roots of your beloved plants, shrubs and trees, but by accidentally uprooting them in their search for food.  Moles eat mainly grubs, worms, spiders, beetles and any other insect that happens to be in their path while they are burrowing through your yard.

A mole tunnel can look like a small ridge or mound of soil.  Moles prefer moist soil, so if you are near a water source or have a lawn irrigation system you are at even greater risk for a mole invasion.  If you have seen indentations in your lawn, or small mounds and aren’t sure what they are, it’s time to call your friendly Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. representative.  We will come out and diagnose your problem right away, and remove any moles you may have the misfortune of having as yard guests.

We at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. are experts at the humane removal of any Moles that may be living around your home and causing damage to your yard and plants.  We will also take steps to ensure the moles do not return to your yard.  Call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. today at:

(612) 237-8282 : (651) 633-8600 : (763) 785-1414 : (952) 881-6662

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