Pest Control MN | Mice, Part 2

Pest Removal in Minnesota – Mice

House Mice cause significant damage in homes or businesses in addition to raiding your pantry.

House Mice have been known to eat through insulation in search of a place to nest.  They will also eat through wiring, posing a serious fire risk.  Mice can also eat their way into large electrical appliances causing expensive repairs.  If mice make their way into your attic, storage space or basement, especially if it is not a well-travelled place in your home or business, they can cause significant damage to files, paperwork, pictures, heirlooms, paintings or books which cannot be replaced.

We at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. are experts at the humane removal of any House Mice that may be living in and around your home or business.  We will also repair and seal any entrance points the mice may have used, and will guarantee our repairs.  Call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. today:

(612) 237-8282 : (651) 633-8600 : (763) 785-1414 : (952) 881-6662

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