Pest Removal in Minnesota – Bats Part 2

Bats, Part II

Where Are They Getting In?

Although bats may appear large when in flight, they are not big creatures and can enter a home, whether accidentally or not, through very small spaces.

Usually, a bat will enter a building through a very small opening in or near the roof or chimney.  Bats do not need a very large opening to get through; they can use an opening as small as ¼ x 1 ½ inch wide.  If you have an older house, or storm damage to a newer house that has not been addressed, it is common to find holes this large leading in to your home.

An opening that is frequented by bats, and therefore needing immediate attention, will usually have “rub marks”.  The entry point will have a smooth, polished appearance and be stained.  The stain is from the oils from the bats’ fur mixed with dust.  If you have noticed one or more “rub marks” on your home or other structure, you may have an opening which has been used heavily by bats, indicating a roosting point of large numbers.  You should call your friendly professional from Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. to diagnose the problem right away.

We at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. specialize in the humane removal of bats and many other pests you may have in and around your home and will prevent them from returning. If you suspect you have a bat infestation, call Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. today.

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