Pest Removal in Minnesota – Bats Part 1

Bats in Minnesota, Part I

Eek!  That is the first sound a bat may hear upon being discovered in a home.  While beneficial in many ways if living in the wild, bats are not an animal we want in our homes.  In addition to the creepy factor, bats can carry some diseases which affect humans and pets, and cause serious structural damage.

If you have had one or more bats living in your home or building for an undetermined amount of time, the guano, or bat droppings can pose problems to your structure.  In addition to the terrible odor, bat guano can pile up and even collapse ceilings and floors.  The guano may cause slippery spots in your attic or largely untraveled space, posing a safety hazard.

Bats are also a known carrier of rabies, a serious disease which can affect you or your pets.  If a bat or colony of bats is discovered or suspected in your home, it is important to seek professional help quickly.

We at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. specialize in the humane removal of bats and many other pests you may have in and around your home and will prevent them from returning. If you suspect you have a bat infestation, call Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. today.

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Please visit our website for part II of our “Bats” series.

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