Remove Mice From Your Home

Humane Removal Of Mice | Minnesota

The last thing anyone wants to see crawling through their home is a mouse.  These pests seem to be able to enter your home through virtually any crack or space, needing only a hole the size of a small marble.  Once you see these pests it is important to handle the problem immediately.

Where there are mice, chances are damage will follow.  Able to live off almost any food and with little water, unless removed by physical means these rodents will be persistent.  Examples of possible damage are structural damage, damage to your wiring, A/C units, furnaces, attics, insulation, with possible electrical fires, along with potential diseases and parasites.  The most common is salmonella (food poisoning) and ring worms.

Once mice become a problem they can be extremely hard to get rid of. If in a home for a good period of time, a large amount of mice may be living in your attic, foundation or walls without home owners being aware of their presents or damage that is being done.  Also, as said earlier they can live off almost nothing!

If you have a mice infestation, hiring a Minnesota Wild Animal Management Expert is your best bet in getting rid of these rodents once and for all.  They have well established techniques and are well experienced in dealing with these pests.  Not only will they control the animals’ population in your home, they can also ensure they will not come back through proper sealing and guarding of entry points.

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