Safely Cleaning Up After Mice Infestation

Cleaning Up After Mice Infestation

Mice may carry bacteria, viruses and other diseases.  As a result, cleaning efforts following a mouse infestation must be cautiously attempted. Before cleaning, all windows and doors should be opened to let the affected home air out for approximately two hours.

It is important not to disturb dust particles or rodent feces in affected areas.  Nest materials should also be left undisturbed during this time. Sweeping or vacuuming these materials may lead to the further release of harmful airborne particles.

A disinfectant of bleach and water is recommended after the home has been aired out.  All surfaces that have come into contact with mice or excrement should be thoroughly disinfected.  Mouse droppings and debris should be carefully picked up and disposed of with sturdy gloves.  The use of a facemask is also advised and clothing worn during cleaning should be thrown away immediately afterwards.

Place all contaminated and cleaning materials in plastic trash bags that seal tightly.  This plastic trash bag should be sealed tightly inside yet another plastic trash bag.  Dispose of trash in landfills or outdoor garbage bins.  Hands should be washed thoroughly and the newly cleaned area should be exposed to fresh air and sunshine for a number of hours.

The last thing anyone wants to see crawling through their home is a mouse.  But if you have them, call a Minnesota Wild Animal Management Expert; they are experts at mice removal in a humane way.

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