The Common House Mouse Is A Pest In Minnesota

The Common House Mouse

House Mice are the most common type of mice to invade Minnesota homes and businesses.  They can cause serious damage, and can be difficult for a homeowner to get rid of.

House Mice are very small and grayish brown.  They weigh only about ½ ounce, making them able to squeeze through very small openings undetected.  House Mice cause the most damage by feeding on stored human and pet foods.  They will contaminate any food they come in contact with through their feces and hair, making the foods unfit for human or pet consumption because of possible salmonella contamination.

House Mice will eat through many types of packaging, making the best way to deal with them in your home or business to get rid of them altogether.

If you have a mouse problem, you should call your local Twin Cities pest control professionals.

A Wild Animal Management Expert is your best bet in getting rid of these rodents once and for all, using techniques and are well experienced in dealing with these pests.

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