The Special Problem Of Bat Bites

The Special Problem Of Bat Bites

Bat bites are difficult to to see and may not be noticed.  If you have any physical contact with a bat, the bat should be captured and tested for rabies and medical advice should be sought.  These situations include not only bat bites, but also finding a bat in the room of a previously unattended child, or waking up to find a bat in the room, or anyone who cannot reliably communicate the facts of the encounter.  Most cases of rabies in humans in the U.S. have been due to bat bites that were not recognized or reported.

Source: MDH(Minnesota Dept of Health)

Catching Bats For Rabies Testing

Extreme care should be taken when attempting to catch a bat for rabies testing.  It is very important that proper inspection techniques and exclusion methods be utilized.  If your house is currently under attack by bats it is wise to call a professional animal management company.

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