Wild Animal Pest Removal in Minnesota For Raccoons

Wildlife Control

Eliminate Nuisance Wildlife Problems Permanently

Some of the common nuisance animals encountered by a Wildlife Control Specialists include raccoons, making their home in the attic, along with opossums, squirrels, mice and rats.  They are also adept at animal control that concerns nuisance skunks, groundhogs, moles, beaver, snakes birds and bats.

A professional wildlife removal service will do more than simply evict your unwelcome guests.  Once the animals are removed, damage to insulation, soffit, siding, eaves and on the roof must be repaired and all entry points sealed. Otherwise, all that has been accomplished is creating a vacancy that the next batch of critters can fill.

Raccoons are among the most common animals wildlife control specialists are called on for removal.  The damage done by these mammals is often done in spring when females are searching for the best place to nest.  They can take up residence in your chimney, in your shed or garage or in your attic.

Aside from the damage raccoons can cause to your property, the health risks imposed by their presence is of concern also.  Raccoons leave behind their mess which can contain raccoon roundworm; they can carry rabies, and affect the health of your dogs through the spread of canine distemper.  These nuisance animals need to be removed from your home.

Calling a Wildlife control specialists ensures humane and effective removal of the animals and to be sure they will not return.

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