Are Canadian Geese Invading Your Home?

How do you protect your Minnesota home, business, or cabin from being overtaken by Canadian Geese?

You may have found that a family of Geese has made themselves at home on your property.  At first, this is not a problem.  Then you begin to notice that the flock is expanding.  Returning each year, what began as 3 or 4 Geese can reproduce into flocks as big as 50.

The population of Canadian Geese is growing in unwanted areas because the Geese are finding the habits in our community to be just like those they come from.  The Goose has high reproductive occurrences, as well as a long life span.  Even the hunters and other Geese predators do not limit the growth of the Geese population.

Geese are not mindful of those around them.  They leave bodily waste, aka poop, everywhere they go, including yards, parking lots, ponds, and streets.  Bacteria and parasites thrive in the waste materials left behind.  The Canadian Geese flock also takes its time going from destination to destination, and do not move quickly for people or vehicles.  Frustrating!

So What Can I Do?

Minnesota Wild Animal Management can help.  We offer a variety of animal and pest removal services that are not only affordable, but successful as well.  We are located in Blaine, Minnesota, and serve the Twin Cities Metro Area.  Contact us at Any of These Convenient Phone Numbers to schedule an appointment:
(612) 237-8282
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Schedule An Appointment today with Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc for Critter and wild animal removal and disposal services of Minneapolis and St. PulFor 24/7 Emergency Service!

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