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Bats in my AtticThese little critters can be hard to miss. Not only are they extremely tiny but they really don’t make much noise. Well that is, until they do. In Minnesota, there are seven different species of bats around. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., we can handle them all. Serving Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs, we are experienced in handling bat removals safely and in a timely manner.

Did you know that bats are the only mammals that can fly? This unique trait allows them to swoop into attics and roof lines in and around your home. Why do they do this? Typically, they are only in search of a place to nest and sleep. Even the smallest space, like ⅜ inch, grants the ability for bats to finagle their way into your area. Siding, roof lines like the soffit or fascia, roof overlays, chimneys, and vents are all areas that bats love to rest. So what makes them so bad anyways? Continue reading

Bat Removal Minnetonka

Minnetonka Bat RemovalWith seven species of bats active in MN, you’d think that more people would be complaining about bats finding their way into homes around Minnetonka. Well the reality is that while there are seven species of bats in Minnesota, but only two of them actually live in dwellings. While you can look at this as a bit of good news, bats can still be a major problem if they make their way into your home or outbuilding. If you feel like you may have some nocturnal visitors, apart from your teenagers’ friends, it may be time to call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. for their bat removal services. Continue reading