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Cleaning Animal Feces and Repairing Damage in Your Home

Animal Feces Cleanup Blaine MNDiscovering you have an unwanted wild animal taking refuge in your home is nothing compared to the sight of animal feces strewn about your home. If you’ve found an animal’s nest or signs that an animal has left feces in your home, whether you’ve seen other proof that the animal is still around or not, don’t wait to call Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. Our Blaine, MN animal feces cleanup specialists will locate all signs of your unwanted guest, cleaning areas that have been affected by its presence, making repairs, and taking steps to prevent animals from getting into your home and nesting in the future.

You’re probably aware of the dangers of letting animal feces go uncleaned in your home, but if you aren’t, it’s important to know how dangerous animal feces can be – if only so that you have your home cleaned sooner rather than later. Continue reading

Mice Removal and Clean up in Attic Minneapolis MN

Mice Removal

It can be a homeowner’s nightmare when they first discover mouse droppings in their attic. Not only are mice a nuisance in the home, they also can carry virus and diseases as well. It is important to take care of your mice, and mice dropping situation as soon as possible to make sure your family doesn’t become sick. Continue reading