Wild Animals In Your Walls or Attic

Have You Been Hearing Noises in Your Walls or Attic?

Part 2 of  Wild Animals In Your Walls or Attic

The most common type of complaint in the field of wild animal control is that of animals living in the attic.  People hear the scratching, chewing, scampering, and walking noises up in the attic, often at night, and thus call a professional.  If you do hear noises in the attic, it’s probably one of five species:

Squirrels: Squirrels are probably the most common animal in attics.  These arboreal rodents usually live in trees, but many find that the attics of homes are drier, warmer, and safer than any tree – in particular, female squirrels with young will give birth to and raise the litter in an attic.  If you hear the scratching and running noises in the daytime, particularly morning and early evening, it’s probably squirrels.

If you have a squirrel problem you are going to have to trap and remove them.  Hiring a professional trapper such as Minnesota Wild Animal Management,  can help ensure the trapping is done in a timely and humane manner.  On top of removing the squirrels, we also fix the damage they have done, and repair your house so they will not return!

At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, we are experienced and trained with the removal of these rodents.

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