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Mice Removal From My Home

Mice Removal Maple GroveLiving in Minnesota, oftentimes rodents and other critters will move into your home and invade your space during the winter months. It is common that rodents will invade your space, and most people do not want to feel uncomfortable in their own home. You may think mice are cute, but most people do not appreciate it when they are roaming freely in their home. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. we offer services to help control wild animal populations that have invaded your space. Our friendly technicians have made it their business to make your property their priority in keeping it clean and animal free. So if your home is starting to feel like the woods, let us make it look more like your home. Continue reading

Mice Removal and Clean up in Attic Minneapolis MN

Mice Removal

It can be a homeowner’s nightmare when they first discover mouse droppings in their attic. Not only are mice a nuisance in the home, they also can carry virus and diseases as well. It is important to take care of your mice, and mice dropping situation as soon as possible to make sure your family doesn’t become sick. Continue reading

Mouse Control Information For Minnesota Homeowners Part 1

Mouse and Rodent Control MN

Q. Where Do Mice Live?

A. Many species oh house mice live all across the United States. Deer mice are also found throughout most of North America, but white-footed mice mostly lice east of the Rocky Mountains. Very urban and very rural areas attract mice wither because of garbage or crop, respectively. In the outdoors, farms, fields, wooded areas and vacant lots provide excellent mouse homes. Mice will often build nests in underground burrow or at ground level. They’ll line their nests with cloth and paper; mouse nests look like a ball loosely woven together. Continue reading