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Mice Removal St. Paul

Mouse in house St Paul MNHave you seen black specks in your kitchen cabinets? Have you heard some scurrying around in the kitchen when both you and your spouse are watching TV? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, EEEKKKK!! You may have a mice problem in your St. Paul, MN home! At Minnesota Wild Animal Management we’re mice removal experts that know every trick in the book that these furry critters will try to pull to keep from getting caught. Continue reading

Minnesota Wild Animal Mice Management

Are Mice A Problem In your Home Or Office?

House Mice

House Mice are the most common type of mice to invade Minnesota homes and businesses.  They can cause serious damage, and can be difficult for a homeowner to get rid of.

House Mice are very small and grayish brown.  They weigh only about ½ ounce, making them able to squeeze through very small openings undetected.  House Mice cause the most damage by feeding on stored human and pet foods.  They will contaminate any food they come in contact with through their feces and hair, making the foods unfit for human or pet consumption because of possible salmonella contamination.  House Mice will eat through many types of packaging, making the best way to deal with them in your home or business to get rid of them altogether. Continue reading

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Mice, Mouse Rodent Control Minneapolis Minnesota

Rodents pose serious health threats – transmitting disease-causing organisms through urine, droppings and bites. Rats can carry more than 40 disease-causing viruses and bacteria, including Hantavirus and salmonella. The house mouse is the primary carrier of an illness called Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus, or LCMV, which causes symptoms such as headache, fever, chills and muscle aches in people with poor immune systems. Continue reading

Burnsville Mice Removal

Mouse Removal BurnsvilleWhen you turn off the TV at night to go to bed, and the house is quiet and peaceful, is there something that suddenly disturbs that silence? You hear a scratching inside the wall and just wish you could reach through the wall and grab what is making that noise. Yes, mice are really annoying. There are myriad ways to control the problem, but the only sure way to stop having mice in your house is to hire animal control experts, such as us at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., who have years of experience getting mice out of the house and keeping them out. If you live in Burnsville, MN, and have a mouse in your house, or a family of them, call us today to take care of the problem. Continue reading

Mice Removal St Paul MN

Wildlife Removal St PaulHow do mice celebrate when they move into their new home? With a mouse warming party! Don’t let their next get together be at your house. Mice are a big problem during the winter months and they can be extremely hard to get rid of. If you live in St Paul, MN and you have a mouse problem, call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. right away! Continue reading

Deer Mice Removal MN | Minnesota Mice Prevention

Remove Deer Mice From Minnesota Home

The deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) is one of the most familiar rodents found in North America.  The deer mouse is about the size of a common house mouse.  Their color ranges from pale gray to deep reddish brown.  The tail is always sharply bicolored; it is white below and dark above. They have large beady eyes and large ears giving them good sight and hearing. Continue reading

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Mice Problems MN | Mice Removal & Prevention

Mice are remarkably well-adapted for living year-round in homes, food establishments and other structures. Homeowners are especially likely to notice mice during winter, following their fall migration indoors in search of warmth, food and shelter. Once mice become established inside a home, they can be extremely difficult to control. Continue reading

Mice, Deer Mice and Rodent Control and Removal MN

Minnesota Wild Animal Management | Mice Problem MN

As the weather gets cold in Minnesota, you may think that pests have either frozen with the ground or are hibernating far away from your home. Think again! That is just not the case. Our homes are the perfect refuge from the cold winter ahead.  During the winter months, pests work diligently on finding ways into your warm home. Fall and winter are an especially busy time of year for encounters with these less than welcome house guests. Continue reading

Wild Animal Management MN | Deer Mice, Mice & Rodents Part 1

MN Mice, Deer Mice & Rodent Control

Cooler weather is upon us which means a season of unwanted guests. It’s the time of year that mice and rodents tend to make an appearance inside homes.  Like bugs, house mice and deer mice are seeking out a warm place to live for the winter. The deer mouse came to the attention of the public when it was discovered to be the primary reservoir species for hantavirus and other diseases.  Continue reading

Mice Control and Removal MN

MN Wild Animal Management | Mice Control

Mice and Rodents find warmth and shelter however they can in the winter months. Often this means creeping inside well-insulated homes for the cold season. YOUR home! Although many pests go dormant for the winter, proper pest control measures protect homes from exposure to rodents. Keep in mind, the key to winter pest control is prevention. Continue reading