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Minnesota Wild Animal Mice Management

Are Mice A Problem In your Home Or Office?

House Mice

House Mice are the most common type of mice to invade Minnesota homes and businesses.  They can cause serious damage, and can be difficult for a homeowner to get rid of.

House Mice are very small and grayish brown.  They weigh only about ½ ounce, making them able to squeeze through very small openings undetected.  House Mice cause the most damage by feeding on stored human and pet foods.  They will contaminate any food they come in contact with through their feces and hair, making the foods unfit for human or pet consumption because of possible salmonella contamination.  House Mice will eat through many types of packaging, making the best way to deal with them in your home or business to get rid of them altogether. Continue reading

Minnesota Mice Rodent Control MN

Do You Have A Mice Rodent Problem?

Rodents can survive almost anywhere where they can stay warm and food can be found. In the United States alone, rodents cause billions of dollars in damage annually. Did you know that the front incisor teeth of rodents never stop growing? Front teeth that are continuously growing are a trait shared by all rodents. Continue reading

Burnsville Mice Removal

Mouse Removal BurnsvilleWhen you turn off the TV at night to go to bed, and the house is quiet and peaceful, is there something that suddenly disturbs that silence? You hear a scratching inside the wall and just wish you could reach through the wall and grab what is making that noise. Yes, mice are really annoying. There are myriad ways to control the problem, but the only sure way to stop having mice in your house is to hire animal control experts, such as us at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., who have years of experience getting mice out of the house and keeping them out. If you live in Burnsville, MN, and have a mouse in your house, or a family of them, call us today to take care of the problem. Continue reading

Bat Removal Minneapolis

Bat Removal MinneapolisWhen you find bats in your home, it’s important to know a little about them before you begin trying to trap them or seal their entrances off to keep them out. For starters, you should know that bats, while they can cause damage to your home, should be removed safely and humanely, just as any wild animal would be, and this can be a difficult task for someone who’s inexperienced in bat removal. You should also be aware of the dangers that bats pose to you as well as your home so that you don’t underestimate the severity of housing a bat colony under your roof. That’s where we come in. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc., our bat exterminators will come to your Minneapolis, Minnesota home and quickly rid your home of bats and help you keep them from coming back. Continue reading

Emergency Wild Animal Removal Blaine

Emergency Wildlife Removal BlaineAs our human population grows, and our business and residential areas grow, wild animals have less and less space in which to live. The fact that all animals have a natural instinct to find and create places in which to shelter and thrive, the dwindling landscapes available for our wild animal planetary cohabitants mean that they are more likely to try to move in with us on occasion.

Blaine Wildlife Control

Continue reading

Eden Prairie Animal Removal

Wildlife Removal Services Eden Prairie MNThe only acceptable place where seeing wild animals up close and personal is the zoo. Learning and watching how these animals interact in these controlled settings can make for a fun family activity. Having direct contact with wild animals in and around your home is a different story. Living in Eden Prairie, MN, there are a wide variety of animals that call this part of Minnesota home. If a wild animal has decided to hang out in your yard or has even ventured into your home, calling animal removal professionals is a must! Continue reading

Mounds View Mole Removal

Mole Removal Mounds ViewMoles and their tunnels are very annoying for property owners in Mounds View, MN. They wreck beautiful lawns and can be nuisance to many people. You can try to deal with moles yourself, or you can hire a professional removal service such as Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., to expertly eliminate the presence of moles on your property. Professionals are often advised for removing moles because we have developed tricks that capture and remove moles quickly and humanely. If you have a mole problem in your yard in Mounds View, contact us today for expert mole removal services. Continue reading

Wild Animal Removal Services St. Paul MN

Wild Animal Removal Services St. Paul MN

Squirrel Removal St Paul MNAnimals around St. Paul, MN can be cute when seen in the environment in which they belong. Frisky squirrels, beautiful birds, swooping bats, clever raccoon’s, and other critters fascinate us and are fun to watch. However, in your home, animals live up to the name ‘wild’ all too well. For humane wild animal removal, you need to call on the wild animal removal services of Minnesota, Wild Animal Management Inc. Continue reading

Squirrel Removal St. Paul MN

Squirrel RemovalFor many people, squirrels are some of the cutest animals out there. Many of us go out of our way on the roads to make sure that we do not accidentally run over them when they cross the road without looking. Surely, all squirrels do is eat nuts and acorns, right? Little do many people know, squirrels can cause serious damage if they are able to get into your home. Living in St. Paul, MN, we have a large amount of squirrels living in our community. If you have noticed a squirrel hanging out around your home, it is important to hire a professional to inspect your home and make sure they have not gotten into your home somehow. You can count on Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. to remove any squirrels from your home. Continue reading

Wildlife Animal Removal Services Minneapolis MN

Animal Removal MNThe Minnesota winters are frigid and you’re probably the happiest when you’re safe, warm and toasty in your home. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one that feels this way and commonly homeowners are faced with unwelcome furry creatures tearing apart their home to enjoy the warmth. It’s basic survival but it doesn’t mean that you should welcome these animals in your home with open arms. Instead, you should contact Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. to humanly take care of your wild animal problem. Continue reading