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Mice Removal St. Paul

Mouse in house St Paul MNHave you seen black specks in your kitchen cabinets? Have you heard some scurrying around in the kitchen when both you and your spouse are watching TV? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, EEEKKKK!! You may have a mice problem in your St. Paul, MN home! At Minnesota Wild Animal Management we’re mice removal experts that know every trick in the book that these furry critters will try to pull to keep from getting caught. Continue reading

Mice Removal Experts Of Minneapolis

Mice Removal Maple GroveFor homeowners, mice have long been unwelcome, destructive menaces that seem to be easy to allow into your home, but extremely difficult to get rid of! Not only are mice capable of causing an incredible amount of damage to homes and items within homes, they are also capable of spreading diseases. If you are living with mice and are tired of your futile attempts at kicking them to the curb, then you are certainly ready to end this living arrangement for good!  The experts who handle mice removal in Minneapolis at Minnesota Wild Animal stand ready to take on the challenge! Continue reading

Mouse Control Edina

Mice RemovalOne of the very last things you want to find in your home is a mouse. Mice can enter through very tiny holes or cracks from the outside, scurry around your home, particularly at night carrying diseases and looking for any crumbs left behind. Once mice find their way into your home, business or property, they are not easy to catch and remove without the help of a professional. Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. specializes in mice control services for those living and working in the Edina, MN area. If you are concerned that you have mice in your home, call our team today to handle the problem immediately. Continue reading

Mice Removal Experts of Minneapolis

Mice may very well be the least popular critter to invade homes around the country and in the state of Minnesota.  In addition to being dirty and carrying diseases like salmonella, they can cause major damage to your home if left untreated.  Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. of Minneapolis, MN specializes in mouse removal and can help you completely eliminate a mice problem in your home or on your property once and for all.  In addition to getting rid of any mice inside your home, we will ensure that no more mice can enter and will repair any damage that they may have caused. Continue reading