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Mice Removal St. Paul

Mouse in house St Paul MNHave you seen black specks in your kitchen cabinets? Have you heard some scurrying around in the kitchen when both you and your spouse are watching TV? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, EEEKKKK!! You may have a mice problem in your St. Paul, MN home! At Minnesota Wild Animal Management we’re mice removal experts that know every trick in the book that these furry critters will try to pull to keep from getting caught. Continue reading

Bird Removal St. Paul MN

Bird Removal MNWhy is it that the phrase, ‘birds fly south for the winter’ is never finished? Well guess what…they’re BAAACKKK! If you live in St. Paul, Minnesota, you may be one of the hundreds of people witnessing all of the birds returning to their quiet northern retreat. Guess what else? It’s nesting season. If you have stumbled into an unfortunate bird problem in your home, all is not lost. Call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. for all of your bird removal needs! Continue reading

Snake Removal Services St. Paul MN

St. Paul MN Snake Removal ServicesWith spring comes warmer temperatures, longer days, and beautiful weather in St. Paul, MN. As you walk through your neighborhood, you are likely to find children playing in the yard, parents cutting the grass or going on a jog. Just as we are enjoying this warmer weather, so are animals. Specifically, snakes thoroughly enjoy the springtime because it is not too hot Continue reading

Snake Removal St. Paul, MN

Snake Removal ST Paul MNWhy did the snake laugh so hard he started to cry?…He thought our joke was hiss-terical!

Snakes can be beautiful and helpful creatures to our environment but when they are in your home, it’s no laughing matter. Spring is just around the corner, which can be peak roaming season for our little slithering creatures. If you spot a snake in or around your St. Paul, MN home, you are in luck. Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. is just a phone call away from saving the day! Continue reading

Bat Removal in St. Paul MN

What did one bat say to the other?…Let’s hang around together!

Bat RemovalAs funny as this joke may be, it’s no laughing matter when bats are “hanging around” in your home! While bats may be good to have in the woods of St. Paul, MN, it really isn’t good if you have them in your home! EKK! If you notice any bat activity in your home, especially in the attic, then it is time to call Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. Continue reading

Squirrel Removal St. Paul MN

Squirrel RemovalFor many people, squirrels are some of the cutest animals out there. Many of us go out of our way on the roads to make sure that we do not accidentally run over them when they cross the road without looking. Surely, all squirrels do is eat nuts and acorns, right? Little do many people know, squirrels can cause serious damage if they are able to get into your home. Living in St. Paul, MN, we have a large amount of squirrels living in our community. If you have noticed a squirrel hanging out around your home, it is important to hire a professional to inspect your home and make sure they have not gotten into your home somehow. You can count on Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. to remove any squirrels from your home. Continue reading

Bird Removal St Paul MN

Bird Removal MNThere is something so peaceful about having birds around the trees and bushes of your yard. From their beautiful look, to the calming sounds, birds help make you feel right at home. Most people would agree, we can enjoy these birds at a distance, but would not want to share their home with these animals. Birds are always on the lookout for a safe, dry location to build a nest. If you are not careful, birds can create nests in places that you may not want them to visit. If you are in St. Paul, MN, and are in need of bird removal services, you are in luck! Let Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. perform their humane animal removal methods to get rid of any birds without harm. Continue reading

Skunk Removal St. Paul MN

Skunk RemovalHave you noticed a foul odor lurking around your home? Your first thought may be your trashcan? But after looking…that was not the cause. If you have seen a small, furry animal with two white stripes hanging around your home, that smell is more than likely from a skunk! Most people do not realize that skunks are commonly found in the St. Paul, MN area. These animals can be very dangerous, so it is important that you call the professionals to get this animal removed from your yard or home. Continue reading

Mice Removal St Paul MN

Mouse in houseYou know the scream. It’s the awful sound of your mom’s voice shrieking at the top of her lungs as she stands on a kitchen chair with a broom trying to bat away that tiny little rodent that claims to love cheese. That’s right folks, your mom has a mouse problem! We hate to be the ones to break it to her, but typically, if she finds one mouse in her home, it’s likely that there are more! So when this occurs, it’s best to leave the job up to expert animal control specialists. Continue reading

Bat Removal St. Paul MN

Bat Removal MNDid you just put the holiday decorations back in the attic and notice some bats sleeping in the nook of your attic? Maybe you’ve noticed some droppings in your chimney where bats are nesting? If you have noticed bats invading your home, it is important to address this as quickly as possible. For a job that should be handled by professionals, look no further than Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc.! Partner with our local team of removal professionals that have accrued thirty five years of combined experience serving the St. Paul, MN area. Continue reading