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Emergency Wild Animal Removal Blaine

Emergency Wildlife Removal BlaineAs our human population grows, and our business and residential areas grow, wild animals have less and less space in which to live. The fact that all animals have a natural instinct to find and create places in which to shelter and thrive, the dwindling landscapes available for our wild animal planetary cohabitants mean that they are more likely to try to move in with us on occasion.

Blaine Wildlife Control

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Wildlife Removal Maple Grove

Maple Grove Animal Removal Bats, snakes, and raccoons might be nice to observe in nature or even at a zoo, but they can be destructive to homes. Many animals that can make themselves at home in your house can be frightening to remove or you may not be sure how to get rid of them. Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. is in the business of removing your unwanted house guests (animal form only) and ensuring they do not return. We service Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove and many surrounding areas. Continue reading

Wild Animal Removal Services Woodbury MN

Wildlife Removal Services Woodbury MNHave you ever had that house guest that just wouldn’t leave? You wait and you wait, but they just can’t get the hint that you are absolutely ready to kick them out the door! While we can’t kick actual humans out of your house, Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. is here to help you with all of your wild animal removal needs! Continue reading

Minnesota Wild Animal Management | Mice and Rodents

Mice, Mouse Rodent Control – Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota

Mice and rats can be found in and around every town and home in the country. It is estimated that there is one rat for every person living in the United States.  Rodents have followed man to almost all parts of the world.  They have no respect for social class; they are equal opportunity pests. Continue reading

Keep Mice and Rodents Out This Winter

Rodents find warmth and shelter however they can in the winter months. Often this means creeping inside well-insulated homes for the cold season. Although many pests go dormant for the winter, proper pest control measures protect homes from exposure to rodents. Keep in mind, the key to winter pest control is prevention. Continue reading

Rodent Proof Your Home For The Fall and Winter Months | MN Rodent Prevention

Rodent and Mouse Control MN

The Most Common Small Rodents are Found within the Structures, Mainly in Fall and Winter Season

Mice and rats are referred to as Rodents (from the Latin rodere meaning ‘to gnaw need’) their need to gnaw constantly is necessary to control the size of their incisor (front) teeth. Mice can chew through anything softer than their teeth. Mice teeth can grow up to 5 inches a year. They often turn their destructive instincts to pipe work, structural building materials, electrical cables, thus they are the number causes of structure fires. Continue reading

Mouse Control Information For Minnesota Homeowners Part 2

Mouse and Rodent Control MN

Q. I Heard Insects Live On Mice. Is That True?

A. Mice are also heavily infected with pests, which can spread into your home or business searching for hosts. Lice, Fleas and Mites are all known carriers of disease. Several cases of mites biting humans indoors have been reported. Continue reading

Remove Mice from Home MN | Mice Problems Minneapolis

Mice Removal and Prevention Minneapolis MN

Many people who have a mouse problem/infestation may never actually see a mouse. Mice are nocturnal and most often come out at night when people are sleeping or businesses are closed. If you see a mouse in the daytime, odds are that the infestation is very serious. The most common signs of a mouse/mice problem are the presence of droppings around baseboards, kitchen cabinets, and storage areas. Some people can hear mice gnawing in walls, scampering, or squeaking. Cat and dogs may scratch at a wall hearing or smelling mice within. Continue reading

Minnesota Mole Control Minneapolis

MN Wild Animal Management

When it comes to moles tearing up your lawn its personal, isn’t it? Almost like they’re taunting you with their fresh runs each morning, challenging you to stop them somehow and it can be seriously intimidating when you can’t.

Are Ground Moles Driving You Nuts?

Moles can drive you nuts! If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably confused by all of the conflicting “advice” on mole control. You believe every rumor, home remedy or control method is worth trying. In fact, chemicals and home remedies (including castor oil derivatives like Mole Med and grub controls) are not only ineffective when dealing with moles, they allow the animals time to establish and become real problems. Continue reading

Animal Pest Removal in Minnesota – Raccoons

Raccoons, Part I

Raccoons have long been a problem in Minnesota for homeowners.  With urban areas sprawling, raccoons are moving in.  These creatures quickly lose their fear of humans when they find they can live a carefree lifestyle by digging in dumpsters up against homes or other buildings, making them more dangerous.

Since raccoons are nocturnal, or active at night, people seldom see them in their yards.  The damage they can cause, however, is more evident.  Raccoons often like to nest in chimneys.  The raccoon will plug up a chimney with nest material and becoming a serious fire hazard.  Raccoons will also cause damage to a home or business by trying to enter an attic or wall and thereby tearing off shingles and making holes in roofs and ripping holes in walls.

If you suspect you have a raccoon problem, call A Minnesota Wild Animal Management Expert today.  An expert specializes in the humane removal of your pest(s) and will prevent them from returning. (612) 237-8282 : (651) 633-8600 : (763) 785-1414 : (952) 881-6662

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