Snake Removal Near Me

Snake Removal ST Paul MNIn Minneapolis, how do you measure a snake? In inches because they don’t have any feet! All joking aside, seeing a snake at the museum or even in your yard is one thing. Seeing a snake in the comfort of your own home is another. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., we get so many calls around this time of year with people in hysterics because a snake is in their home. If you are nervous about a snake in your home or place of business, call the professionals nearest you at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. Continue reading

Snake Removal

St. Paul MN Snake Removal ServicesThere are several different snake species in Minnesota, and luckily for us it is very uncommon to come across a venomous snake here in our home state. Snakes range from 10 cm to several feet long and have a variety of colors. Although many people fear snakes, there is a very low probability that any snake you come across in Minnesota are dangerous, and snakes are a very important part of the ecosystem. Snakes help control rodent populations, and are no risk to humans despite their bad reputation. Although many people fear this animal, it is because they are greatly misunderstood. Continue reading

Snake Nest Removal

snakeFor many Americans, one of the most feared animals that we occasionally come into contact with is a snake. While most snakes have no interest in humans, the fear and unknown of having a snake on your property can be overwhelming. To top it off, if you find a snake nest on your property, it is critical that you contact a professional snake nest removal team. If you are in the Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, area, you are in luck because our team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., is right around the corner! Continue reading

Wild Animal Removal Experts Minnesota

Raccoon Removal MNWild Animal Invasions is a common occurrence in Minnesota, especially if you live in an older home that has not taken the appropriate steps to animal-proof your home, or if you live close to an area that many animals inhabit. The cold winters in Minnesota make animals pursuit locations to get out of the cold and if your house looks like a desirable place they will come to you. Continue reading

Squirrel Removal Experts

Squirrel Removal MNMinnesota inhabits a lot of squirrels, specifically the grey squirrel population which is found in central and southern Minnesota. In the Twin Cities, you may have noticed that the squirrel population around the cities is very abundant and therefore many people have problems with squirrels. Also, with the harsh Minnesota winters, this increases the likelihood of squirrels seeking shelter in any area they find fit. When squirrels invade your home they can cause a lot of damage. Many people forget that they are rodents and have the same tendencies as rats and mice. Continue reading

Raccoon in Chimney Removal

Raccoon Removal MNImagining a wild animal in your chimney is not a beautiful thought. Although this may seem like a rare occurrence and something you may not have to worry about, in fact Minnesota has four unique biomes, many different forests and therefore a lot of different animals. Many people think of rodents such as rats and mice, but raccoons are a common problem as well.

If you are concerned with, or know you have a raccoon problem in your home, or your chimney you want to take care of this issue before the raccoons get in the interior of your home and are loose in your house. If you do not want to be the Grey Gardens of St. Louis Park, then let us help you. Continue reading

Wild Animal Dropping Removal Experts

Rodent Dropping Removal MNWild animals can take up residence anywhere. Because of significant growth in the Minnesota area over the last few decades, more and more homeowners are coming home to find evidence that a wild animal is sharing their space. You may hear rustling in the attic or in the walls, you may see a critter scurry across the kitchen floor at night or you may find animal droppings on the walls, flooring or anywhere in your home. If you have a wild animal that is a little too close for comfort, call the team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. for assistance. Our team specializes in safe removal of the wild animals and any droppings left behind for residents in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Continue reading

Mice Removal From Home

Mice Removal Maple GroveLiving in Minnesota, oftentimes rodents and other critters will move into your home and invade your space during the winter months. It is common that rodents will invade your space, and most people do not want to feel uncomfortable in their own home. You may think mice are cute, but most people do not appreciate it when they are roaming freely in their home. At Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. we offer services to help control wild animal populations that have invaded your space. Our friendly technicians have made it their business to make your property their priority in keeping it clean and animal free. So if your home is starting to feel like the woods, let us make it look more like your home. Continue reading

Minnesota Pest Removal

Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc.

Minnesota has a lot of wilderness, and even if you are living in the city or suburbs, your home or business can still be impacted by a variety of animals. Although many of us love the great outdoors, and especially wildlife, it is not always fun to deal with wildlife when they have invaded your space. If your home has been invaded by pests or creatures, it may be time to contact Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. so that we can help you with all our your needs. All of our technicians are trained professionals that are here to help you get your house back and make you feel comfortable again. Continue reading

Minnesota Bat Removal

Pro Bat Removal AndoverBats are a poorly understood species, and oftentimes many people are afraid of this tiny, winged mammals. Many people are fearful of “blood thirsty” bats, but in fact this is not a concern in Minnesota, and is only a concern in the tropics. Bats are a unique species, being the only mammal that flies. Although there is the health concern because bats do carry rabies, most bats do not bother humans. Continue reading