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Bat Removal and Cleanup

bat expertDon’t you just love fall decorations? The pumpkins, the leaves, the bats? Wait, are those decorations or actually real bats? While we all love a Halloween decoration, no one wants to actually house bats in their home. If you have a bat problem in Andover, Oak Grove, Ham Lake, or Blaine, MN, let Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc., come and help clean it up. We offer bat removal and cleanup service for anyone that notices an unwanted surprise in their home. Continue reading

Mole Removal Blaine

Mole Removal BlaineMoles, they spend nearly all their lives underground, so you’d think they wouldn’t be such a bother. So, how is it that these furry little creatures that we rarely even actually see have the power to infuriate homeowners and lawn lovers all over Blaine, MN?  Minnesota Wild Animal Management can help remove the little dirt diggers in a safe and humane way. Continue reading

Gopher Control Blaine MN

Gopher Control Blaine MNGophers can do significant damage to your property – causing damage to your lawn, the root system underneath and even causing problems for your vegetation including trees, bushes, and flowers that you have planted.  They create tunnels underneath the ground, eating their weight in plants and roots and ruining your grass and your lawn in the process.  They can also chew on your irrigation and septic system which can impact the irrigation flow and even cause problems for the foundation in your home.  The bottom line is that if you think that you have a problem with gophers on your property, you should consider taking care of it as soon as possible.  Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. of Blaine, MN can handle a gopher problem immediately and effectively to minimize property damage. Continue reading

Rodent Removal Blaine MN

Mice RemovalDo you have unwanted rodents in your yard that you just can’t get rid of? Rodents can be a true nuisance and extremely hard to get rid of. Sometimes you’ll think their gone and the next thing you know their back and it’s worse than before. Don’t be a victim of yard rodents. If you live in the Blaine, MN area and are having issues with rodents, keep reading. Minnesota Wild Animal Management can solve your current rodent problem and prevent future issues. Continue reading

Animal Control Services Blaine MN

Animal RemovalIf you’re in the Blaine, MN area and searching for an animal removal company that can offer fast, affordable, same day services, Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. is your best solution. As professionals, we not only remove the animal but we also sanitize the area affected, help you with any property repairs and prevent the situation from happening again. Continue reading

Bat Removal Blaine MN

Bat RemovalIf you are in the Blaine, MN area and in need of bat removal services, Minnesota Wild Animal Management is your quickest and most humane solution. To help educate local residents about bats, interesting facts, bat safety and hazards we have put together some information and advice for you to read; while our professional animal removal technicians promptly arrive to your rescue.

What Are Bats?

Bats are the second largest order of mammals (closely behind rodents), representing about 20% of all classified mammal species worldwide, with about 1,240 bat species (only about 45-48 species living in the United States). Bats are all throughout the world, and they perform vital ecological tasks of pollinating flowers and circulating fruit seeds. Most bat species like to eat bugs and other insect pests, thus reducing the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides. Continue reading